Massage therapy is the manipulation of muscles through kneading, rubbing and pressing of various muscle groups. Massage therapists will use their hands and oils to loosen the muscles. There are a number of styles of massage that can be used by massage therapists, depending on what muscle groups you want to focus on. If you are thinking about booking a massage but can’t make the full leap, you are in the right place. Massages don’t only feel good, but also have a number of other benefits that you can enjoy.

How Will I Benefit From Massage Therapy?

1. Reduce Stress

Whether you are experiencing stress from home or work, it can be debilitating. Massage therapy can be a great way to reduce and manage your stress. In a warm, inviting and relaxing environment, a massage therapist will work to loosen any tense muscles and encourage the release of endorphins, which are the feel-good chemicals in our bodies, while simultaneously reducing the stress-inducing hormones.

2. Get Better Posture

Many people struggle with back, neck, and muscle pain, which is often caused by poor posture. Poor posture and repetitive movements strain the back, and other areas of the body, which results in spasms, pain, and tense muscles. Massage therapy can be used to realign the body in order to improve posture.

3. Improve Blood Circulation

One of the most notable benefits of massage therapy is improved blood circulation. Proper and consistent stimulation of the muscles helps deliver the blood supply that stiff and damaged muscles need in order to heal.

4. Rehabilitate Injuries

Massage therapists commonly see patients with standard muscle strains due to overuse, however, there are also a number of injuries that RMTs can help rehabilitate. This can include, but is not limited to, whiplash caused by motor accidents and sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Below We List Some Of The Most Popular Types Of Massages

Swedish Massage

Swedish massages aim to relax the body and the mind. It is a full-body massage whereby the massage therapist will work through any tense muscles you may have. Swedish massages are great for relieving stress and increasing blood circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is very similar to a Swedish massage, but the massage therapist will apply more pressure to the muscles. For those who are interested in releasing tense muscles, this is a great option and will help reduce other uncomfortable factors associated with tense muscles, such as migraines.

If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of massage therapy in Edmonton, come see us at Naturopathie. The experienced and knowledgeable RMTs on our team will work with you to develop a treatment that will address all of your needs.