If you often get headaches or migraines, you understand how much they can interrupt your day and get you out of commission. Intense symptoms, including a throbbing head, nausea and light sensitivity, can leave you desperate to find a solution to help you ease the pain and prevent it from happening again.

Massage is a known treatment for migraines with a lot of research behind it. Because of the way our bodies are set up, the pain in our head will often disappear after the focus is on different pathways leading to our head (for example, the trigger points in our neck). This article will look into how massage can help treat migraines to finally give you the relief you need. After reading about the benefits of massage therapy, book your massage appointment at Naturopathie Integrative Clinic!

Trigger Points

Trigger points are spots in our muscles that can cause pain or weakness in other areas of our body. For instance, the trigger points found in our head and neck can cause headaches and jaw pain. Trigger points occur within any muscle in the body, and they are very common.

Massage therapy in Edmonton can help by targeting the trigger points on the body, which reduces the severe symptoms of a migraine. Every migraine will come with different symptoms, which occur in other parts of the body other than the head. When you treat the starting point or the points in the body that causes the discomfort, this is key to finding relief.

One common symptom that people experience during a migraine attack is neck pain, and a recent study found that more than half of patients experienced this symptom at every stage of their migraine. Symptoms that occur alongside migraines like neck pain can be the culprit of a lot of pain and make the migraine too difficult to bear. This is why massaging trigger points can be key to reducing the severity of symptoms that come with migraines.

Promote Circulation

Poor circulation is the cause of many different symptoms in the body, like fatigue and discomfort, and when there is restricted blood flow to certain areas, the muscles are not able to receive the proper nutrients to function. This is why having massage therapy in Edmonton can be incredibly beneficial because applying pressure on the body with various techniques can move blood through to these restricted areas.

Although the main cause of getting a migraine is unclear, research about what happens before symptoms appear can help show why we get such painful side effects. Once a migraine gets triggered, specific chemicals get released, which travel to the brain’s outer layer and cause blood vessels in the area to become inflamed. This results in the usually painful feelings that occur in the head, neck or sinuses. Researchers have uncovered the pain experienced during a migraine often leads to a lack of blood flow. That’s why making sure that blood flow to the brain is a crucial part of helping treat painful migraine symptoms that arise.

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