Getting a massage can help you feel relaxed, but a massage therapist can do so much more and successfully treat sore muscles and pain. In addition to a relaxed body, massage therapy can also help treat several health conditions, including the following:


This condition will cause a person’s joints to swell due to many triggers and symptoms, including exhaustion, decreased range of motion, pain and stiffness in the joints. For many people, arthritis will cause them to feel as though their joints are on fire, but massage therapy can help eliminate soreness and decrease your pain.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This condition will cause pain in your hands and fingers and happens whenever there’s pinching or compression on the median nerve, one of the hand’s primary nerves. Carpal tunnel syndrome generally occurs because of repeated motions of the wrist and hand or when they are in the same position for too long, which can happen when you’re working on your laptop or computer. Diabetes, a family history of this disease, rheumatoid arthritis and pregnancy-triggered changes in your hormones can also cause this condition. Symptoms include pain that will extend to your shoulder and forearm, weakness in your hands and numb fingers.


This is your body’s longest and biggest nerve and runs from the spinal cord’s lower end up to the joint of your knee. When this nerve is compressed, you will experience pain across your leg’s outer side, hips, back and buttocks.

Tension headaches

This is a common type of headache that affects many adults, sometimes daily. Many people refer to it as a stress headache which occurs when the muscles in the scalp and neck area tighten, and this condition will prevent you from going about your day. The pain can range anywhere from mild to moderate, and triggers include stress, lack of quality sleep and poor posture. What’s particularly frustrating is the duration of tension headaches which can last for days on end. Massage therapy is a great way to eliminate and prevent these headaches and effectively find relief.

The experts at Naturopathie Integrative Clinic can provide you with more information regarding the many benefits of massage therapy and the many health conditions it can treat. We specialize in naturopathic treatments and massage therapy and will take the time to understand your needs and the areas of your body that are causing you pain. We will then apply the right techniques and treatment based on this information so if you are looking for relief and are in the Edmonton area, contact us today!

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