Canadians are experiencing more stress than ever, with over 56% of younger Canadians feeling more stress now in comparison to five years prior. Healthy amounts of stress can be a normal part of life. However, when it escalates to the point of becoming overwhelming or developing an anxiety disorder, it can make life much more difficult. There is a myriad of different treatments and solutions out there to help reduce and relieve anxiety. Massage therapy is a non-invasive, natural solution to reduce stress and help mitigate anxiety.

Here’s how massage therapy can help reduce stress:

1. Relieves Muscle Stiffness and Tension

Did you know that stress extends beyond the brain and affects the body as well? Muscle stiffness, tension and even pain can occur in the body when it is under stress or experiencing anxiety. Muscle tension and chronic pain are also linked to fatigue, headaches, insomnia and digestive problems. When you treat your body to a massage therapy session at Naturopathie naturopathic clinic in Edmonton, your body and mind will thank you and be relieved of much of your stress.

2. Massage Therapy Boosts Your Mood

During times of high anxiety and stress, you often have trouble settling or relaxing. Your body and mind are functioning at high alert and it can be difficult to make rational decisions. Choosing a massage therapy treatment is as rational as you can get. Massage therapy can reduce the irritable, overwhelming feelings you’re experiencing to allow for stress to be reduced and your mood to be lifted. Massage therapy actually stimulates and promotes endorphins in the brain to lower anxiety and symptoms of depression.

3. Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Blood pressure increases when you’re in a stressful situation, but it often dissipates after the situation is over and your blood pressure returns as normal. Unfortunately, stress can cause temporary spikes in blood pressure levels, which can hurt your heart, kidneys and blood vessels. Massage therapy prompts the receptors in the brain that send messages of calm and relaxation to the body’s central nervous system. This widens the blood vessels, which can decrease high blood pressure and rapid heart rate.

4. Promotes Restful Sleep

High levels of stress or anxiety can hinder a restful, healthy night of sleep. You may be kept awake, feeling irritable, and tired but unable to relax. A lack of sleep or very poor quality of sleep can cause negative medical issues, such as diabetes, depression or obesity. Massage therapy relaxes muscles in the body to ultimately allow you to have an easier time relaxing and sleep more restfully.

Naturopathie’s naturopathic clinic in Edmonton offers a variety of holistic, non-invasive treatments and services to help heal your body and improve your general health and wellness. We have a team of professional, committed massage therapists who are highly trained and experienced in how to treat and relieve tension, pain, and stress in the body. Book an appointment with us for relaxation or a therapeutic massage.

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