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Jami Danko, Certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor (C.H.N.C)

Jami Danko, Certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor (C.H.N.C) Growing up, as a Type 1 Diabetic and a student-athlete, diet and physical activity were a consistent focus in my life.

In university, my social life grew and my health was neglected. I battled with negative self-talk and became calorie obsessive. A few years later, wanting to become a mom, I regained my health and was able to have two successful pregnancies. I now have 2 boys aged 1 and 3.

It was becoming a mom when I really began to realize the importance of being well. After going back to school to pursue a certificate in holistic nutrition, it is now my hope to do the same for others, starting with food as a foundation for achieving wellness. It is my firm thought that if people learn how to nourish their body with proper food choices, they are nourishing other aspects of their overall wellness too.


Come and meet Jami and learn how dietary analysis and personalized nutrition coaching can benefit you! Patients are able to ask questions and share their nutrition goals and/or concerns. Patients are also able to see samples of dietary analysis and various meal plan programs that are available to them. As this is an integrative clinic, the naturopathic doctor collaborates with Jami to put together the best nutrition plan.

Initial Consult: $69.00 + GST

Dietary Analysis and Nutritional Coaching: $75.00 + GST

A client/patient completes a 3-day food and wellness log. After completing the log, I review the information and provide feedback for ways to adjust the client’s eating habits for better overall health. If wanted, a meal plan may be created to further meet client/patient goals.

Generalized Meal Plan: $140.00 + GST

You receive a 7-day meal plan with recipes that show what balanced, healthy eating can look like.

Personalized Meal Plan: $199.00 + GST

You receive a 7-day meal plan, with recipes, catered to patient/client-specific goals and needs. This could include weight loss, increased energy, inflammation, food sensitivities, etc. and may collaborate with the naturopathic doctor to create a specific plan for your diagnosis or condition.