Nurse Practitioner

Come meet our Nurse Practitioner Constance! Constance has been a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner for over a decade and has worked in healthcare for over 25 years. Her career has spanned several provinces across Canada, working in multiple aspects of patient care. nurse Practitioner constanceHer areas of focus are; Oncology and Palliative Care, Primary Care, Chronic Pain, Medical Cannabis, Addiction, and Trauma, Child and Women’s Health. At Naturopathie-Constance provides medical consultation alongside naturopathy for a unique blend of holistic patient care.

Scope of Practice

A Nurse Practitioner performs comprehensive assessments, including diagnosis, ordering of tests/interpretation, intervention (including prescribing of medications), follow-up care, and referring across the spectrum of health care services.

A Nurse Practitioner can also;

  • Assess and treat pain disorders such as migraine, chronic back pain, and chronic nerve pain.
  • Assess and treat chronic and acute diseases across the lifespan of people of all ages.
  • Order and interpret diagnostic tests like MRI, Ultrasound, X-ray, CT scan and EKG’s
  • Provide assessment and treatment for smoking cessation, substance misuse, and PrEP.
  • Provide referrals to specialists as necessary.

Please call our office @ 780-238-0121 for more information on booking with our Nurse Practitioner.