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Foundations of Health Course – Dates to be determined

Foundations of Health Course

The foundations of health will explore what influences our health. We hear over and over again that people feel like they are tired, sore, irritable, and have hormonal or digestive issues that aren’t being addressed. We wanted to create a course to help people learn about the options you have in health care. At Naturopathie Integrative Clinic we have a variety of practitioners who work together to help you achieve your health goals. Each practitioner has chosen a topic that they continually discuss with their patients in hopes of bringing you the most valuable information in a condensed weekend session.

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Hormonal Health Course – Stay Tuned for Dates

Women's Hormonal Health Course

This course is designed to help women understand their health and to help ensure they are getting the most out of their appointments. This course will provide a deep dive into hormones and the role they play in our life it will also provide suggestions and practical tips to help you balance your hormones. It will be led by Dr. Sydney Speer ND at Naturopathie Integrative Clinic.

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